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As I write

This pen is draining out of ink

I watch it sink into a depth

Of a mind that always thinks

On the brink of self destruction

Or maybe genius at its peak

I'll always write the words unfolding

As long at this pen has its ink

Leave a trail, a path unwinding

Defining what's at stake

I want to make the best decisions

But this pen's about to break

For heaven's sake, I want to terry

Want to wary the mistakes

So I will continue to write

As long as I am still awake

Never forsake

For I have never found a fault

As I write the words unravel

Traveling to world's assault

Smell the salt cast from the sea

Halted by the sand's revolt

The vault locks in the darkness

But it's light that I exalt

By default

It seems that I've been given grace

I knew no face of my Salvation

As I rested in His gaze

So amazed at my afflictions

As convictions drew me crazed

For He knew a day would come

That these eyes would see His face

Now I'm writing at this desk

And the ink has long run out

But these words they still unravel

Through the blood that He's poured out

Never fading in its brilliance

Just cascading all throughout

I'm awaken to a Love

I can't cease to write about

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