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A Collection of Resentment

How I would long to know

That I could be forgiven

That the mistakes of the past

Would collapse from tradition

That the judgments that are cast

Would be a halt of decision

And the path that I walk

Is not a road to perdition

Yet all my sins are held against me

From a heart of anger

And the friend that I once knew

Has become a stranger

That holds me in contempt

That which never wavers

Seeing me to a fault

As a weighted anchor

Your eyes are now evasive

And what spirit is shrouded?

That you would sacrifice the lives

Of those we have sprouted

That your mind would sever heart

And retains to be clouded

That faith, hope and love

Are now just things to be doubted


Into the abuse of a soul

Light diminished

As you wander alone

In the dark of deceit

To the defeat of control

And I say what sort of hell

Can even truly atone

Were you raised to run

Were you made to abandon

Is the map of your life

A collection of canyons

You have built up resentment

That reigns in expansion

Till it floods your whole world

To drown out your companions

For the efforts of love

To reach your heart is great

That it risks its own measure

Through the torrents and waves

To weather the storm

The abuse and the pain

That it will sacrifice self

Before giving into hate

Another drop in the bucket

A heavier burden to bare

The yoke you have amassed

Is but a weight of despair

Has you caught in affair

Completely unaware

So captivated by a lie

You cannot utter a prayer

You have lost your identity

Found embrace in a sickness

You may have fooled yourself

But you can’t fool your witness

Sacrificed love

To an action of business

Your resentment a collection

That is without forgiveness

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