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A Father

I'm the greatest father in the world

So says my girls

And that's just enough

To put my heart into a swirl

It may not look too manly

It may not seem so tough

But if that's all I have

If is far more than enough

Being there and present

Looking in their eyes

If I had a choice in life

I'd not be any other guy

Holding their embraces

Kissing their sweet faces

There's no time like the present

And this one's for the ages

Watching them grow

Bigger everyday

Giants in their characters

And I share in their parade

Watching them look at me

Feeling so invincible

Happiness in prodigies

My joy is at it's pinnacle

Look at me, a father

Never would have thought

The greatest gifts in life

Are those that can't be bought

Two souls in my life

Changing all of meaning

Feeling so content

That I may as well be dreaming

But this isn't a dream

I'm living it, awake

And nothing in this world

Is ever gonna break

The feelings I have for them

Their purpose in my life

These perfect precious beings

I can hardly peel my sights

Every time they say, hello

Every time they say, goodbye

Every time they say, I love you

My whole heart leaps in reply

Every silly moment

Every tender laugh

Every joyful expression

Is so much more than I could ask

This is part of who I am now

Who I've been made to be

With two lives who choose to love

And put their trust in me

Sharing their affection

Gaining their attention

They marvel right back at me

Without a thought to question

Identity a blessing

Love, the perfect gift

Life is so worth living

Having them exist

Enamored by their beauty

My two perfect daughters

See I'm no longer just a man

Since I've become a father

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