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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I've been pregnant for years

But now I'm choosing abortion

I was told it carried life

But it was only a distortion

The State, its allegiance

It's just an endless devotion

To a fetus of a culture

That caters corrosion

The seeded conception

Birthing democracy

It seemed so paramount

The fulfillment of prophecy

But I have labored in vain

There's no source of a prodigy

There is no life in this womb

That wasn't entombed in dishonesty

Completely indoctrinated

To believe the illusion

I'd follow every propagation

Preached from the institution

They told me how to think

Gave me a constitution

And then left me in despair

With a lifeless resolution

And at every trimester

I was examined and prodded

To be sure I'd give birth

Only to what they allotted

I didn't think of it then

How it was all so well guarded

To be blind from the truth

That the inside was rotted

A system deformed

And completely polluted

By the doctrines injected

All profusely intruded

Every act regulated

Every decision concluded

You just followed command

No matter how much it wounded

The pains and the anguish

The abuse and the bondage

The lies and deceit

All paying a homage

To a culture of rape

That violently responded

To force its way of life

And to keep you a hostage

But I am ending this burden

I will sever its ties

I will cut from my heart

What I once idolized

Because what they claimed was hope

All I see now were lies

A mass that is lifeless

And meant to despise

I will not birth wars

I will not birth hatred

No more genocide

Will be willingly aided

By no amount of majority

Will I be changed nor persuaded

Let all of history show

That the State is not sacred

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