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Baby Steps

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Before I ever left the womb

I had a count and a rank

I was a body at disposal

For the war or the bank

There'd be a forming and a fashion

And a plan to partake

A statistic yet determined

An agenda yet blank

Before I ever learned to speak

They had me marvel the sights

They'd put a flag within my hand

And let me wave with delight

Amongst the cooing and the murmurs

I was a product of plight

But when the bombs burst in the air

What was drawn was fright

Before I ever learned to stand

I had a hand in the battle

Strolling patriotic parades

With veterans dismantled

Showing support for the troops

Each one a story to tattle

Then they'd be shocked back to the terrors

By the automatic shakes of my rattle

Before I ever learned to read

They had me trained in submission

Had me following in footsteps

Of an ancient religion

Never questioning the folly

Of timeless superstitions

Had me pledging my whole life

To a flag of division

Divided, the nation

Is the one I was raised in

Where corrupt politics

Form the congregation

Where identity's lost

To the illusion of patrons

And neighbors spark civil wars

Over who can best lead the nation

This is the hatred

That I learned and practiced

State educated

Enforced by harassment

Violence begot

To the violence of masses

All faithful to State

And its deplorable tactics

These are the bindings

That once held me encumbered

Mindless to the State

While my heart stay in slumber

Spineless to the truth

That all war is a blunder

And while love was laid dormant

We were all tore asunder

All ripped apart

From love and compassion

All serving evil

While forming our factions

Duteously marching

Baby steps in reaction

To the forming of soldiers

And willing assassins

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