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How do you not acknowledge truth

You simply turn away

Appalling is the thought

And yet it happens everyday

I wish I had the nerve

But I just could not say

All the things I wanted to

Would never be relayed

The quicksands of ambition

Avoid the confrontation

Let the fool prevail

Without challenging damnation

Watching their destruction

Their absence of creation

Washing from my hands

As it bloodies up the basin

Could have spoke the truth

Could have rose to challenge

Could have tipped the scales

In the hopes of bringing balance

Instead I remain silent

Watching without valiance

Too meek to speak release

And mesmerized by malice

Who am I really

If I don't walk in love

Willing to watch assassins

Quench their fill of spilling blood

With the option just to speak out

Rather then standing numb

Seeing life unravel

And I, its silent judge

Still, I see

And still I remain silent

Still, I gleam

At this display of violence

Flashing right before my mind

And I am not defiant

Just an audience, entertained

As the lusting of a tyrant

Truth again evaded

By the turning of my back

Left to consequence

And its unending wrath

Every step that I have taken

Has been upon the worn paths

For all have turned away

Against the courage that they lack

Too ashamed to be acknowledged

Too fearful of reproach

Too much comfort in their lives

To all that they devote

That to swim against the current

Is a struggle to their soul

Besides, what is life

If you're not in control

You see, power is enticing

And let's just all assume

That these paths we walk in comfort

Have all become quite smooth

At such little inconvenience

That I know what I will choose

But I could never say for sure

Cause then, I'd have to face the truth

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