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Born out of wedlock

Just another bastard

Just like Jesus Christ

And I'm feeling all enraptured

Got tired of the pastors

Preaching out disaster

Twisting out the sermons

Of a mutilated master

I heard it from the pulpit

Jesus was a culprit

Flipping over tables

And just pouring out His fullness

Water into wine

Turned the party to the fullest

Offending everyone

As He'd call them on their bullshit

Living by a doctrine

Feeling all forgotten

Then Jesus drops a line

To make the claim that you are sovereign

Riling up the squadrons

Refused to play it caution

Never hesitating

'Cause He knew He was the Option

Don't take it all for granted

Nails have pierced his hands, man

Shit has gotten wild

While religion leaves you stranded

It's time to take a standing

Revolt against the branding

As these wounds callous over

I'll no longer be commanded

They treat you like an offering

Like you were just their livestock

Had to pay the bills

So they needed money, tick-tock

Put you on the alter

Cause the greedy need their price shock

Weird to see a church

Turned from temple into dive shop

Left it with the mice drops

Leper coalition

Through the binding and the reigns

Still couldn't steer me to perdition

Granted, it was hell

But I knew it weren't my mission

So I got out of the furnace

And I'm living just forgiven

A pretty simple concept

No need to script a doctrine

Just living out my life

No more hauling around the coffin

I think about it often

Simply being sovereign

It's a pill that's hard to swallow

But it beats being forgotten

Take it with a grain of salt

Seasoning the Gospel

There was a man named Jesus

And he was treated awful

Turned the other cheek instead

Of raising a debacle

That's why I give a shout

To this unprecedented model

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