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I curse the darkness

Then I light a candle

Where evil had control

It has lost its handle

Freed from my restraints

And it’s all a scandal

As I shine out the light

And reveal the vandal

The system, institution

The cult, religion

The source of agony

And what drives division

The collapse of sanity

Caught in indecision

Where an eye for an eye

Binds to cynicism

A sty in the eye

And a heart that’s frozen

Dreams drifting off

Feeling lost and broken

The lies overwhelming

The abyss an ocean

The deceit in your mind

Believed without a notion

The blind, deaf and dumb

Proceeding sermons

This indoctrination

Over every person

The weight of ignorance

Is a mighty burden

As you stumble in the dark

And embrace perversion

Then a light starts to show

Though faint, in flicker

Seeming far off

Yet gaining, quicker

As the darkness escapes

To evade its vigor

And your eyes must adjust

To portray the picture

Such abrasion

These eyes long dilated

In the holds of darkness

You have long since waited

Hope the path is revealed

To transform your hatred

But a heart without love

Is left often jaded

This candle is burning

The light a beacon

To pierce through your heart

And release your demons

To quell all your doubts

And restore your reason

To pull you from hell

And then show you Eden

We can shine a light

So that all may see

Let the candle burn bright

So that we may flee

From the lies we’re confined

And austerity

So we can finally see the truth

And let it set us free

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