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Cultural Ballot

God, we love to vote

Because it matters, truly

So let The Man slit your throats

To hold the ballots of duty

Making promises they'll never keep

Letting our hope fall out so cruelly

But then they speak the right words

And we're seduced back to its beauty

Hope, change

The serpent is a slogan

Enticing us to taste

A fruit that's just a poison

Constricting all around us

Silencing all commotion

We don't question anything

All just contained within devotion

And when it's time to speak

We are proficiently dogmatic

Erupting in a fervor

To endorse the fear and panic

Raising religion in our minds

Until our hearts become mechanic

Programmed to hear only the system

We've come receptacles of static

Critical thought has been abandoned

Our introspection is a phantom

We just follow without question

Each submissive in tandem

Each corrupted in our minds

Indoctrinated to ransom

That we pontificate belief

In an eternal anthem

Every generation

Becomes another aggressor

Serving violence to the world

In an unlimited measure

Every belief passed down

To form a tyrant of successors

Who cannot think a thought themselves

And turn hostile with pressure

All culturally pompous

As dependent as infants

A congregation held together

Through processes that are stringent

Throwing tantrums in an instant

At the first sight of a difference

Just to mask the very fact

The their whole being's deficient

We fill up the stadiums

And stare towards the podium

The passions in our minds

Conjure the soul of Napoleon

For the State is our faith

It forms a world that's dystopian

We see the absence of slavery

As just pure pandemonium

And that's why we vote

Because we're trained that it matters

That without coercion and violence

Our whole world would just shatter

So we increase regulation

Profess a dictum of manners

All hailing this corruption

And our enslavement to masters

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