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From light into tragedy

Caught in the fears of your own mind

Chose to walk, in endless pageantry

Couldn’t embrace, this love divine

Always a victim of mentality

Just a damsel in distress

Conjuring struggle, from insanity

Seeking perfection, failing tests

Call it an heirloom, accursed family

Generations, clothed in death

Insecurities held in frailty

To stagnancy of final breath

You’ve walked the tightrope to a stutter

Felt the stress to place your step

One mistake you think to shudder

Collapsed to limitless regret

A world of pressure all surmounting

What redemption could equate

Doubts unveiling a resounding

Hopelessness to find escape

The day is drawn into slumber

And now dusk has masked the way

Heart has froze into a sculpture

By the shame that it has weighed

And this candle but a flicker

Seems to dwindle from a flame

That it consumed all but the vigor

Trying to kindle from the shame

Why this journey so endeavored

Full of pain and sacrifice

To have all love in life be severed

Through your acts of self-demise

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