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I really wanted to write a poem

And call it dickhead

But I didn't want it to be too pompous

Or indicative

So here's a start of a tangent

You can take it openhanded

Or just toss it to the wayside

And just leave it dead and stranded

What's a good name to call

Towards someone who's downright rude

Who propagates absurdities

Ignoring all other views

Who labels you atrocities

In the slightest opposition

Who doesn't care of anything

Except the binds of their tradition

Let's just call them dickhead

A rose by any other name

I wouldn't say it's classy

But it's really all the same

We will blame any one

For any single thing

If our religion will conceive it

There's no limit to what we'll sing

Our sermons and our speeches

Our inaugurations and impeachments

They all cater to the mindsets

That we have conjured through our legions

We are a people set to factions

Don't let the word unity fool you

We are dickheads without regard

Yet are the masters of impromptu

We pull martyrs out of myths

Scapegoat entire nations

Pledge allegiance to a flag

That has warred since its creation

Then we populate a thought

Just to indoctrinate a message

A dickhead of a move

That we just label a progression

We have egos quite inflated

An illustrious illusion

Propagated from all channels

No regulating this pollution

All bastards of society

In a modest proposal

To see the ways of life aborted

Only at someone else's disposal

We cry victim when we're losing

We cry conquest when we're strong

We cry dickhead to the things

To which we just don't get along

Always causing a commotion

Never letting any peace

For when happiness is not exclusive

We make it come deceased

Your religions are absurd

All the faith that you embrace

The state of separation

That has caused us all disgrace

Every president and preacher

Every system and institution

That holds law above love and freedom

Is just a dickhead revolution

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