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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What abyss is there

In anything but doubt

Fleeting in its hold

As I am but less devout

While only mind can hear

Unless it's spoke aloud

Just a shadow in a thought

Needing heed for its surmount

Distance, separation

Maybe that is where it's held

Where truth has been abandoned

And all of hope is but dispelled

Where love is but a word

Oh so easily withheld

That we form into militias

To wage in war as we rebel

Tyranny, it calls

To be our propaganda

To tell us who we are

Until we've grown into a slander

The rules that they expel

Are like chains we couldn't handle

And when the flag waves in the sky

We salute to our commander

The sins of our fathers

The allegiance to our masters

So abused by its act

We've found comfort in disaster

So amused by the pact

That war's become our capture

Life so easily expelled

Al existence is in a fracture

Canyons opened up

To the corruption of a cistern

Poison is the water

Yet we drink it as an intern

Burning who we are

Until we're reduced to a cinder

Shaming us from love

Until all we are is a sinner

Left within a cavern

No means for our escape

This darkness overbearing

Blinding us in hate

We wanted something else

Yet our dreams have seemed to fade

Till all that's left is doubt

With no hope for anything

A simple cause to question

To steal your will of life

To keep you veiled from seeing

Refraining you from sight

To keep in fear of freedom

So you will never fight

For life is far more worthy

When you're basking in the light

We have all been charged

TO be held to an account

Convinced to fear the sentence

In how our burdens will amount

But if truth will bring us freedom

Then we cannot do without

For there is not a verdict

In anything but doubt

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