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Public education

Is but the drainage of the anus

Of the governmental system

And you wonder why it's faded

Completely void of glory

Conforming and sedated

Where the only saving grace

Are for those who failed their graduation

Dropout of the servitude

Constriction and condition

Tried to claim my mind

But I kept in opposition

Tired of the tribal acts

Tired of tradition

Tired of the travesties

And the victims of position

Instead of education

It's tricks they try to train

Instead of understanding

You just memorize the claim

No room for contemplation

There's no need to use your brain

The diploma implies success

But it really means you're reigned

Another fashioned product

Cultivated as a patron

Assembled in detention

To the submission of a nation

Mechanical all by design

Fueled through fear and hatred

Fossils of an ancient view

That rules through segregation

Identity suppressed

Until identity's a phantom

The theft of individual

Just leaves you caught in ransom

Left to pledge upon the flag

Bellow out the anthem

The choir of a Statist

Is an unappealing tantrum

So indoctrinated

Their senses fail to see their flaws

In a cognitive dissonance

Held with an unabridged applause

For the rules and regulations

And the order and the laws

Their subjection to the State

Is but another favored clause

Every action monitored

Criticized and graded

Every record catalogued

All privacy invaded

Never go against the rule

Permissions pre-dictated

Or a visit to the principle

Will leave you all degraded

But get you on the honor role

Appeasement of the masters

Learn to follow suit

And never question for an answer

Just nod your head agreeingly

Live fearful of disaster

Welcome to the status quo

You elementary bastards

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