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Friend Zone

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Where friendships demand conformity

That's where you'll find me lonely

I won't appease a mass of thought

To feel accepted and holy

I live for a world of unity

With hope and love held closely

But that is not the world today

Not remotely, but if only

If only it was simply

Love and peace reflected

Then all the hatred of today

Would be abandoned and rejected

All the factions without following

The cultists all neglected

The politics and government

Lifeless and disrespected

The cleansing of the brainwashed

The institutions and religions

The pair of rot and genocide

No longer a tradition

All life completely unevolved

Released from out their prisons

From the lies and tricks and treachery

Of poisonous ambitions

No man author of another

No authority to reign

No rule nor regulation

To leave the lovers unengaged

No crusade, no invasion

No eternal war campaign

Just a liberty and freedom

Where only fear is kept enchained

I say it purely in my heart

Say it clearly in my mind

That I will not conform again

Not for any length of time

For I have lived amongst the perils

The destruction and decline

And when this sorrow pierced my heart

I was undone and left resigned

All the passion, all the fervor

All the faith that bolsters sin

The blind trust of propagating

And the deceptive sermons

All the cunning, crafted speeches

The advocacy of religion

The persuasion of the masses

In a moment met its end

It no longer has a place

No footing in my life

I won't conform for friendship

I won't submit to lies

Although I'd love to be your neighbor

I'd let you sever every tie

For all that you submit to

Is made of all that I despise

I'm patient and I'm tolerant

Outside of force and violence

Not a qualm with your lifestyle

If it doesn't demand compliance

I can get along with anyone

Forming friendships and alliance

Yet if you'd become a tyrant

You'd be met with great defiance

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