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Always clear headed

Don't drown anything out

Sober and conscious

Everything in account

The joy and the sorrow

The flood and the drought

All faced within clarity

In their fullest amount

I don't open up

I hardly confide

Prone to the act

To just hide it inside

Calm is the surface

A mirror that shines

While dark is the depths

And it's not for your eyes

So don't stir the waters

Don't try to make waves

For when peace becomes broken

It opens the graves

And the efforts of burial

I'd sure like to stave

Avoiding the hardship

And hiding the pain

Don't know if it's healthy

And really don't care

I choose my own path

Choose what I will bare

A conscious decision

I've weighed and compared

My business alone

That which I will not share

Ask me how I'm doing

And you'll get a reply

One I have recited

And approved in my mind

Though the truth may be hiding

You'll not see with your eyes

Because this smile's well practiced

And helps me to disguise

Deny introspection

To the observance of others

Hiding the scars

Of all the past lovers

Containing the rage

That would otherwise smother

Keeping silent the truths

That I don't long to utter

I'll manifest peace

Gain my composure

And if I like you

I may draw you closer

I may take my time

As I ease in exposure

Crafting my love

As a fluent composer

For even my passion

I feel need to restrain

Least I lose all control

And my secrets escape

Leaving the door open

To feel a new pain

Do I wrestle with love

To the risks of mistake

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