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I write the lyrics

And then I memorize them

Put grown men to sleep

Cause they're like a lullaby then

And when they pass away

That's when I'm improvising

But you don't have to fear

So now, just close those little eyes then

Now all that you couldn't see

Let me just paint the pictures

I live life by the Word

Not every single scripture

You want to sail the vessel

But the priest says he's the skipper

And that's the life you follow

In all religious strictures

See the image is so clear

When you're looking from the Truth

But when we were young in faith

They said to fight nail and tooth

But as we beat ourselves down

Our eyes just couldn't see through

So we were left within the blind

With a message all aloof

We add a dash of color

And the picture becomes vivid

We see the blood of Christ

And then decide to live it

Religion says it's wrong

But we can easily dismiss it

For the contrast shows the courses

And they're the ones more livid

We're messing with their pocket books

Their profits and their greed

We're telling tales truthfully

While they're losing prophecies

The system is against us

But we're not losing any sleep

For we know who we arose with

And we know how strong's the Seed

You get a little detail

Then the picture nears complete

You see the marks He bore

The nails in hands and feet

Now you want to understand it

You need simply take a seat

Just to rest in your existence

With no strongholds to defeat

Now it's time that you awaken

Let this Truth rule supreme

You thought you lost your way

But the Way's the Light, the Beam

Let It guide you out of darkness

He was created to redeem

Now that your life is picture perfect

Realize it's no longer just a dream

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