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I'm Quite Alright

Hey, man, are you okay?

You know, yeah I’m quite alright

Life’s a roller coaster

And I’m in it for the ride

At times I like the breeze

Sometimes I’m holding on real tight

You know, happiness and sorrow

But I’ll never lose my sight

I’ve had my own struggles

Faced some tribulations

Got some battle scars

But survived the situations

The heart is pretty strong

And I hold no reservations

You see, I’m always gonna love

No matter what the implications

I do not deal in hatred

Vengeance never served me

Any time I thought about it

It really felt unnerving

Unnatural to my nature

If it’s not love, it’s disturbing

Hate was never an excuse

No matter how bad I was hurting

I’d rather walk the narrow path

Never stepping out of place

Focusing on love

Set to run it like a race

So much joy to have in life

So I am keeping pace

Hurdling the obstacles

And cleaning up the space

Let me say this frankly

I am nowhere near a broken man

Sure I’ve weathered storms

But I’d never fall to their command

Never let emotions

Set a course I could not comprehend

Never let a lie

Be a truth that I would just pretend

What you see is what you get

A quiet man who is creative

Never worry, never drama

Because I find them too abrasive

Sure I’ve got some mystery

And I can be evasive

Yet I’ll always wear this smile

Because joy is so persuasive

I look into my being

And I see inherent value

And would say, no matter what they say

No matter how they assail you

Always keep your head up

Do not let hurt impale you

Because anything outside of love

Will always, surely, fail you

You ask me if I’m alright

Ask me how I’m doing

Well, I embrace the joys of life

And inhabit their renewing

And I explore in love of life

Eternally a musing

For no matter what has happened

Love is always worth perusing

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