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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I knew for a long time

That being me just wasn't good enough

And despite that hopelessness

I still tried to give the fullest love

Because love is my nature

It's the person that I am

So when love wasn't returned

I was left with the command

Efforts for acceptance

And I knew it was perverse

But I tried to bury self

To bare the burden of this curse

So my children wouldn't see

Wouldn't have to know this hurt

Take a breath but never breathe

Suffocating without worth

Was the action right

Was there any hope

Could I overcome the obstacles

Ignoring the true scope

To pretend things would get better

While having no means which to cope

Trying to climb to the peak

Upon a slippery slope

Destined to fail

For the hearts weren't in alignment

One sought other's attention

While the other one lay blinded

The dial of the sands

Set a desert to the climate

And scorching was the land

As love had fallen silent

For there's no hope without love

So I took the wounded fragments

The exposure of my heart

Now barely beating, latent

I had trusted beyond reason

Never doubted in relation

And the truth tore me to pieces

That love was long since vacant

Arising from a patient

This wouldn't be my death

I would not be seen as victim

Held down by my regret

For the sun ceased not in rising

And I would not forget

That the nature of my love

Does not exist within neglect

The nature of love

It is extravagant indeed

It is the only thing in life

Without a foundation of need

Without dependence of another

Without demanding of a deed

Surreal to all existence

And in me it's planted seed

And everyday I'm growing

Found healing from the past

Because love keeps my attention

And it keeps me right on track

For no matter how painful

There's no need for looking back

With love, a light of hope

That illuminates my path

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