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Kindle Of A Flame

Rights, violated

And for what

A means just to safeguard

Old politicians

Sights, dilated

It's enough

To read between the lines

To a road of perdition

Traveling, distancing

Losing your prosperity

Coax you to allegiance

Submission to the vain

Groveling, conditioning

Losing all your clarity

Hoping for salvation

Through the clasping of a chain

Parole, control

Term to set the limit

Stockholm of a syndrome

Another four years

Behold, your soul

Nothing but a gimmick

A tomb whitewashed

All rotten in its fears

Go vote, slit throats

Sliding in the ballot

Serpent is a slogan

The anthem of your praise

All ghosts, these jokes

Calling it a talent

Partisan the charlatan

The ways that they betray

One step, one theft

Inch to take a mile

Freedom now a phantom

Liberty an epithet

One right, one left

Both of them hostile

Mirrored in relation

Embodied in a president

Psyched out, fear now

Claiming comprehension

Pitiful existence

Like cattle to a claim

Woah, now, bell cow

Clanging for attention

Rattling the cages

All its efforts left in vain

Some see, most don't

Fickle in a vision

Wandering a labyrinth

Lost without a path

Some change, most wont

Bound to their religion

Worshiping the devil

Just to get a taste of wrath

Life, annihilated

And for what

Supporting of a system

That only brings you shame

Light, isolated

To disgust

Try to wick the lantern

To the kindle of a flame

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