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Life Lesson

Life lesson


Nobody will hurt you more

Then someone you love

We focus on enemies

While guarding our heart

Yet it’s the closest people

Who can tear it apart

But I say, love extravagant

Let down all your guards

Hold your head high

And embrace all the scars

Love is the answer

Don’t focus on pain

Love, just in spite

Of all of the shame

It’s become far too easy

For us to discard

Forming our factions

And having no regard

Making life into a fiction

The illusions of the author

Letting truth fade away

To the deceit that were offered

We call our self victim

Call others the enemy

Create a facade

That disfigures identity

And as time goes by

Part of you becomes lost

Buried so deep inside

That it just leaves you in want

See, treating life like material

So easy to replace

Walking through relationships

All piling like waste

It just keeps you in pain

As more of you breaks

And the whole world can see it

But they’re conditioned to take

It is time to ponder life

Let our minds be unfurled

And quit letting pain

Be the center of your world

Find value in others

Quit waging these wars

Let the empire cease

So that love can restore

Because all life has purpose

Yet all are disguised

Because we all know the same hurt

And have believed the same lies

So don’t let it be a guide

Time to open your heart

Because love’s the only thing

That will not tear it apart

Life lesson


Nothing can save the world

Greater than love

And it starts with an action

Without need of reply

And until you learn to love

You’re never truly alive

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