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All I see is fruit

Some of it is rotten

Hold my breath and fear the scent

It cannot be forgotten

Watching every step

Tantalize the garden

Pit against the roots

Of the hearts all laying hardened

Wish I had a green-thumb

Release a revelation

Entrenching of the mindset

In need of ventilation

You must break from the foundation

To end the desolation

All the elements are stirring

In a force of speculation

So much left to potential

The garden lying flattened

Left to strangle self, and I ask

How could this have happened

The beauty yet surmounted

This desert leaves me saddened

How I long to cultivate

But all of life has been abandoned

And the soil, it is barren

The which remains, infertile

Shall I strive against the earth

In hopes of something that's eternal

All the life the creeps below me

It is nothing but infernal

Chewing through the veins

As though phantoms of the external

Strike against the plains

Yet these wounds are never bleeding

Soaked the life that's split

And offers dust to choke the breathing

Blanketing the tombs

Of a past that's long retreating

All the toils of the earth

To be consumed in endless weeding

Feel the scorching of the sun

As the body tests its limits

Will of mind and soul collapsing

Isn't all that can inhibit

As the aching and fatigue

Greets a nature that's insistent

Caught at the edge of madness

Until the wind does lift my spirit

Storms off in the horizon

Show of lightning, clash of thunder

A breeze of chill is leading

To embrace me in a shudder

All my hopelessness in effort

Turned in haste into a wonder

Seeing rains approaching

Turning prey, now, into hunter

Flooding my subconsciousness

Of the seeds that I have planted

What the future holds in sight

Is but a story yet expanded

With deserts all around me

And the view of hope seemed stranded

Within this valley I've found Eden

Where the fruit of life is granted

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