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I'm feeling great right now

Living through my own story

I'm not searching for approval

Of the great empire

Can't satiate right now

As I just hunger for a glory

And no man could ever show me

Can't reach the heights I aspire

But the Spirit is another

So united to the Gospel

So inviting to my life

In spite of all that I trifle

I’m not looking to uncover

Ancient cities that have toppled

I’m just stepping out of boxes

While no longer living frightful

See I was birthed to institution

My mind made a cluster

To never contemplate

Nor to question authority

Then I made a restitution

No longer in a bluster

No longer living vain

And lost to conformity

But before that took place

I made so many bad decisions

Like supporting corruption

And never asking why

I just always made a case

In support of my religion

Looking to the State

To tell me how to live and die

Wars would be waging

And I would be supporting

Sending troops to die for nothing

While we all thought it was great

But the conflicts they were staging

Offered nothing so rewarding

And instead we all were blinded

In a fabricated hate

That is how we are controlled

With a narrative of fear

With a blind over our eyes

And no sense of awareness

We just live a life patrolled

That’s been so long commandeered

That we barely know ourselves

And are treated oh so careless

And to wake from that delusion

A nightmare in comparison

No longer being haunted

Afraid of my shadow

Been made aware of the intrusion

Knowing it was never genuine

I stepped out from the darkness

And walk in this meadow

A life I can rejoice in

Realizing my identity

Walking with a purpose

With my head held high

No longer choking on the poison

Truth being the remedy

With hope all surrounding

And the bright blue sky

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