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My Pleasure

Proverbial nonsense

Periodically challenged

And that’s okay

Because I’m peculiarly balanced

I see life through a different lens

A kaleidoscope of factions

Yet I like to transcend boundaries

And own my own reactions

And if me just seems an oddity

To the world that’s all surrounding

I won’t cave to the anxieties

That are stacked and all surmounting

Instead of building upon burden

The systematic chains in doctrine

I rise from out of death

Because my home is not a coffin

The mind always churning

With oxygen and blood flow

Memories and thoughts like phantoms

Only I see, only I know

Where no eye may ever focus

Except the mind’s, without a mass

Where time and space evaporate

Within eternity’s grasp

Atoms and electrons

Quantum in their physics

Reacting to existence

Where all of life is mimicked

And I, in every particle

Populate an object

That lives and breathes the entity

Of creation within context

Can’t explain the silhouette

The illusion or the contrast

Can’t explain this perfection

While still feeling like I’m trapped

Where joy and sorrow waltz as one

To form the perfect storm

An atmosphere, electric

Holding the method to transform

A metamorphosis of sorts

To classify existence

Where realms and paradigms

Are in a battle for transmittance

To form the soul and being

To hold me in embrace

For I am a creation, sourced

From love and full of grace

Beyond the limits of logic

Beyond the flaws of understanding

Superstitions and religions

Institutions and commanding

The fictions of antiquity

The light years of invention

Beyond the doctrines and decrees

I am deliberately intentioned

I see purpose within everyone

And though I cannot read the future

I’m at peace in perfect harmony

For Love is my pursuer

A mystery, inexplainable

A value beyond all treasure

I’ve learned to see the world through different eyes

And it has been my pleasure

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