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Nights Like This

It’s on nights like this

Wish I had a thousand friends

That we would gather around the fire

And let the fun begin

Because my home is vacant, silent

And I cannot pretend

That this loneliness in life

Is every gonna end

For plagued is my soul

Displaying absence in the whole

Where friendships are as valued

As an eternity of gold

And life has a funny way

Of drawing distance, making cold

And I shudder just to think

That I could die alone

Yeah, on nights like this

I wish I could raise a chalice

To drink my fill of love

If I am being honest

Because life is too short

To live within your malice

I’d rather tip the scales

Then have an even balance

Focusing my actions

Solely into love

Where the heart has meaning

A reason beating blood

Gathered altogether

Embraced into a hug

No striving for acceptance

Through a system of a judge

It’s on nights like this

Where purpose speaks to mind

And I am left to look about

Seeing that we’re blind

Distracted from one another

Worked into a bind

While longing for our freedom

Yet never having time

And what of all these actions

Do they set the course of life

Transforming us to toil

Until all we know is strife

Repeat the generations

Repetitions of advice

Veiled from our design

So we may never reach our heights

It’s on nights like this

When things seem the darkest

Where all the problems of your life

Are seen at their largest

And all the little things

They seem to hit the hardest

And pierce right to the heart

And cut you at its sharpest

That you wish that you had somebody

That you were not alone

That life was really different

Then all that you’ve been shown

You try to hold your head up

You try to stay composed

But whether things will change or not

You really never know

On nights like this

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