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Look at me, head held high

Searching through the stars

Plotting a new course in life

Of what I’m longing for

Always an adventure

Know I’m never gonna break

Got the universe before me

And a love that won’t forsake

That’s one small step

In the torrent of the vast

Eternity consuming me

Much more than I could ask

Much more than I could grasp

Existence overwhelming

Yet continue to explore myself

Because it’s so compelling

Breathe so deep

My lungs filled and expanding

Breath released

The stresses so demanding

No gravity to hold me

To the burdens of another

No fears and superstitions

To bind, contain and smother

Life is so much bigger

Than the singular of moments

The ones that bother to distract us

And leave us feeling broken

But instead of ignoring them

Pretending they’re but phantoms

We need to learn to grow through them

Find love in expansion

Pursuit and endeavor

Desire, exploration

Perspective and awareness

And ceaseless transformation

The complexities of self

A journey through the cosmos

Connecting spirit with the soul

Off into this great unknown

Love, I have found you

In this limitless expanse

The Universe a labyrinth

With its ever-winding paths

It is a journey of a lifetime

A saga which to act

An epic of existence

Where all creation’s an impact

Mysteries all around us

The miraculous of life

Where we can only beg to question

And never really know what’s right

Somewhat always in the blind

And in some ways always alone

Yet we’re all beckoned to discover

Who we are within our own

Take one step to lead the other

Finding my supports

Take a breath to keep composure

As I’m plotting my own course

I don’t know where life will take me

As this odyssey unfolds

Yet I will go on bravely

And I’ll see what it all holds

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