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Perceive With Caution

Try to think beyond

What you have been programmed

Question everything

Let your paradigms be broken

Life is really short

May as well live awoken

Contemplate it all

And your mind's bound to be opened

We live in an illusion

All so tightly fabricated

Religion of a State

Of a faith, of fear and hatred

Congregation controlled

Corporately manipulated

For thousands of years

And our minds are still sedated

Oh say can you see

Well, apparently not

Got a veil over your eyes

And your ears in a clot

Your heart barely beating

Your morals in knots

So much war in your veins

That all of love you've forgot

Will there be a time

That you will open your mind

Let your eyes see outside

Of all that confines

All of the veils

All of the blinds

All the corruption

That keeps you intertwined

For the narrative

That the media spoke

Has been the only words

That you've ever known

But opportunity's come

As a chance to be woke

To awake form your ignorance

And come out from under the cloak

See truth for what it is

To be free of persuasion

Break the bonds of religion

That has crafted the nations

Cognitive dissonance

That fashions the patrons

All held to a halt

By perceiving with patience

Letting your mind explore

All plausible actions

Willing to question

Beyond the faith of your faction

To critically challenge

Despite the mob of reaction

To stand out of the box

Refusing the opinions of passions

Step out of delusion

Quit living defiled

See your religion

And know that it's not worthwhile

Tyrants in procession

Malicious and hostile

So caught up in a system

Only meant to be reviled

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