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Pop Quiz

Alleviate the consequence

Sacrifice a martyr

Hoodwink the populous

To the genocide of honor

A scapegoat holocaust

All in the guise of ardor

Granting your allegiance since

The founding of the fathers

Bombs burst to celebrate

Serenade the rockets

Wartime on the mind

Explosions to profit

Round up the casualties

Making your deposits

Cultivate a business plan

Monopolize the markets

Castrate the candidate

Crush the opposition

Encapsulate, congregate

Define the definition

Celebrate all the hate

Fooled with prohibition

Emancipate human waste

The starting of tradition

Gold fades to masquerades

While paper is abundant

Inflate to subjugate

The system is triumphant

Too late, greet your fate

An ecosystem that's redundant

Salivate to lubricate

The cycle of incumbents

Flu shot the Argonaut

All chemicals and compounds

A heart-stop onslaught

Leaving minds all dumbfound

Ink blot, Camelot

Renaissance and pronouns

Shakespeare untaught

As yonder light does fade now

Playgrounds and obstacles

Train children to assassins

Chaos all methodical

Keeping fear a passion

The narrative a farcical

Religion all unfastened

Free-thought antiparticle

Welcome poverty to famine

Maintain supply-chain

Rapid prototyping

Alpha sigma mainframe

Composites uninviting

Solo cannot be contained

Escape the endless sightings

While they quantify the domain

To reign in violent guiding

Time for your pop-quiz

Answers orchestrated

Minds trapped in boxes

Farewell the innovative

Programmed responses

The keeper of the tainted

The system just a toxin

A legacy of hatred

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