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We pretend to look it up

We pretend to know it all

We pretend to have the facts

Yet in the end we always fall

Enamored by religion


A boolean of truth

Where all other things are false

Because science has said it

For governmental funding

We read it on the headlines

And that is saying something

The CDC, celebrities

All picturesque and stunning

It's the popular opinion

No need to be confronting

All other opinions are foolish

Lacking of the facts

Watched the news for twenty minutes

Put my faith within the act

God, I'm so enlightened

Nothing can distract

Cognitive to propaganda

Such revival in the tract

Time to get a flu shot

Need a new vaccine

Funding the production

Building a machine

Chemicals and compounds

Give me some caffeine

Loving this placebo

False securities in me

Never question anything

Never truly know

Never benefit the world

Just doing what we're told

Livestock in comparison

No purpose to the soul

Idiots politicized

Who can barely even cope

While truth could be discovered

We remain within a cage

Mentally reduced

To the headlines of a page

References, all feelings

Unstable and enraged

Offended by statistics

With no hope of any change

The dangers of religion

Faith in institutes

Unchallenged and unscrutinized

Leaves minds of destitute

Zealous in belief

In an aimless, blind pursuit

Contemplation all abandoned

Afterthought, a residue

Brainwashed, corrupted

Controlled and engineered

Influenced, deceived

Hoodwinked and held in fear

Deluded, perverted

Seduced and volunteer

All references in marionette

The act of puppeteers

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