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I got caught up into social degradation

And now I’m trying to be renewed

Got trapped within a mob of fear and hatred

A society that’s all subdued

Those who twist and writhe in self-affliction

Blaming the world for what they lose

I got caught up in the lies of patrons

But now I see them all as fools

You can march and drum and beat your phantoms

You can wage a war against the weak

You can build an army, never question

Why your paradise seems so bleak

Heed the words of your professing prophets

Believing everything they speak

You can dig a hole to make your coffin

Then crawl within and fall asleep

Open my mouth to curse your systems

Institutions and religious deeds

Cast your hope within the source of violence

And then wonder why your nation bleeds

As I’m walking through these desert lesions

The ground is cracked and void of seeds

I see eternities of ash and bloodshed

In attempt to fill your lust and greed

Still you’re calling all to call you master

Still you rule in vengeance, caught in rage

Still you’re trying to avenge disaster

As religion keeps you in this cage

You can’t quite distinguish fact from fiction

You can’t seem to step off from the stage

You can’t quite reflect the life you’re longing

Refusing now, to turn the page

Now you’re stuck within an endless rhythm

Of a static nature long decayed

In a world that leaves all life disheveled

From a Word that leaves you all afraid

It was Love that came and conquered nations

Not through a war or bodies slain

Yet it came in form and shape and kindness

A compassion sacrificed to claim

Now you strive in terror, torn asunder

As you watch the end, not faraway

Feel the grasp of your control is slipping

While your paranoia shifts and weighs

You are trying to contain a measure

If, but anything, yet to convey

You can’t bare the fact of being master

Then to have it all just striped away

You made a graveyard, what was meant for beauty

Fashioned chains and tragedy

Built a prison for the life of freedom

And let it waste within your vanity

And all the while you had watched them suffer

With no concern nor apathy

Now all your sins, like sands, too much to number

Have you fearful you’ve no amnesty

Now the tide is rising, washing over

All your sandcastles within its course

While you try to reign and raise an army

A pathetic act to show of force

There’s a nature, you can’t stand against it

For you know that it shows no remorse

And the landslide, soon to greet your envy

With the aftermath of calming shores

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