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You know, it's not easy

For me to wear this mask

Walking through the darkness

Slaying all within my path

Tormented as a child

Always forced to heinous acts

With this veil upon my face

All disguised within my wrath

The words spoke in my life

All became so deeply seeded

The dreams of my youth

Just ambitions long defeated

Now I'm wandering the halls

A nightmare to be retreated

Searching to destroy

The very life that I once pleaded

Do not beg me

As I will show no mercy

When I called for redemption

I was deemed unworthy

But take your time in hiding

For I am in no hurry

See, the thrill of the hunt

Is the best part of the journey

Slow and steady stalking

As I listen for my prey

Their trembling in fear

An emotion that betrays

The terror in their hearts

The very source of their dismay

It beckons them to run

And they always will obey

I will always give chase

I have never lost a victim

For I know the snare of fear

And exploit it in my wisdom

Once it hits the mind

It cripples like a symptom

Which can then only be cured

Through the ways that I afflict them

Let it become their master

Let it bring forth their praise

The anguish of lamenting

The terror on their face

Afraid of every shadow

Their dwindling of days

Where passion meets insanity

When they've finally caught my gaze

And by then it's much too late

No hope and no exception

Pleading for your life

Will be met with no affection

Merciless and evil

Is an accurate perception

And as you're gasping for your life

You'll see that death is your redemption

For I'm a killer in perfection

The solid form of darkness

A sovereignty to fear

Who turns your hope into a carcass

If you must try to resist

Just know that I will not be harnessed

For there's no method to destroy

A creature that is heartless

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