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When I was a child

I used to watch the stars

Counting them in numbers

All shining from afar

Laying in the grass

Gazing at the sky

Mesmerized in silence

On the night car rides

But now I hardly see them

With this city and its lights

That muddy up the skies

Veiling me from sight

This life has lost its splendor

To artificial glow

And drawing me as dim

To feel no purpose in the soul

Try to make a wish

Knowing it’s in vain

This system is mechanic

Meant to fashioning these chains

Yet I’m told to keep on churning

Strive to pave a way

But as light and life diminish

All that’s left is the grave

Where are my starry eyes now

Have they faded from existence

The child I was once

Just seems so far and distanced

A memory that’s faded

And almost inconsistent

That I try to resurrect

And yet my mind holds to resistance

Society demanding

That I look a certain way

To walk the path long-worn and trodden

And to never ever stray

All the pressures on the efforts

Where achievements build display

And the world can gawk and ridicule

Devouring the prey

Trained to keep my eyes

Focused on an object

The illusions of success

Where dreams are long since shipwrecked

Lying to your mind

And blindly I will accept

While the stars remain veiled

No longer seeing what they project

I sit still in this fog

Knowing it isn’t life

To live within a shadow

To never see the light

And while the skies are darkened

It’s but a fabricated night

With murky, muddled visions

Which I do not delight

I long to see the stars again

Where once I felt alive

Instead of sitting here

Where I feel I’ve long since died

To live a life of freedom

And not simply just survive

To burn bright in all my brilliance

Because I was born to shine

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