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The world's response to fear

How so easily

You let your life be commandeered

Your dreams and your ambitions

All but disappeared

A flock to mindless medias

Corralled and engineered

Once seemingly so vibrant

Filled with zest for life

Now cowering and pitiful

With no signs of delight

Panic in pandemic

And such a tragic sight

Identity abandoned

As you quarantine the light

No strength amongst your faculties

A product of the hype

You seizure in demeanor

Now shrieking through your gripes

A feature presentation

Of a puppet of the tripe

A circus in a cycle

Where you're all but circumscribed

A programmed and trained response

Devoted to the doctrine

Domesticated casualty

To every spoken toxin

Conforming to disparity

While leaving truth forgotten

Just to heed to fear politicized

And viewing it as sovereign

The pavers of perdition

Building a religion

Cowards of the heart

Masquerading hope and wisdom

Villains of salvation

All fraught is their tradition

Too blinded by the perils

Fabricated repetitions

Cutting off the blood flow

Halting the response

It's time to break away

But you have formed no renaissance

Shocked within a terror

Contained to a nuance

Peering in the headlights

As you hide within a box

Burying the coffin

Funeral in service

Never lived a life

Because your whole life's been perverted

A corpse that lays in waste

Void of any purpose


In an eternal state of nervous

For fear, it has seized you

Drawn you to hiatus

Distracted you from everything

Which you should remain gracious

Try to find a spark of life

But it's been rendered traceless

And without a pulse of courage

You just remain froze in stasis

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