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Life is unpredictable

And it can be a heavy one

Beat you up into a pulp

And not even be remotely done

A weight that’s unrelenting

Make you feel you couldn’t bare

Watch the sun go down and rise again

Like it just doesn’t care

Hold on, wait a minute

Just let me catch my breath

So much weight upon my back

I might just break within regret

When I finally take a step

I am feeling the exhaustion

Trauma all around me

But I’ve no time for caution

Pressing through the pain

I have built a tolerance

The bulk of my stress

It seems so prominent

An insect, unrelenting

Sucking out my soul

But then I swat it out of thought

Because I’m now in control

Feeling foolish in my mind

But my heart is thrilled to love

Through abuse and depression

It would pour out all its blood

So while some may call me foolish

And others may call me mad

Love remains captivating

And I heed to its command

For it is always kind

And it is always patient

And it is outside of the box

Of everything that’s ancient

A force so unrelenting

Yet gentile in its kiss

And when faced with temptation

It’s choice is to resist

A power beyond fathom

A whisper in the ear

That sets the heart ablaze

To break us out of fear

And I say hallelujah

And I declare amen

For I was once a captive

But will never be again

So while the world holds burden

And sets to place them on your back

And while they reign, destructive

The empire striking back

Hold steady to this love

Hold joy through your afflictions

For evil is the heart of man

Who rule through their religions

Remember, love never fails

Love never meets its end

It rises with the sun

And it will surely set again

So greet each day with passion

Awaken into grace

And shine upon the world, a love

Forever set ablaze

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