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The Abuse of Tension

Emotions have betrayed you

You've traded wrong for wrong

Believed that you were powerless

Instead of standing strong

Abandoning identity

You've forgot where you belong

Let desperation be your god

And violence be your song

Vengeance, unforgiveness

It is eating you alive

As you riot in the streets

Letting hatred be your guide

A mirror of oppression

Becoming what you despise

The bearers of deception

Just as lost as you are blind

Seeing nothing but a victim

Being nothing but a slave

Feeling nothing but your hatred

As you dig your shallow grave

For the actions you have taken

They are one in the same

The same evils you lament

Are the ones you now parade

Look at all your rage

Look at all your anger

You cast it on the innocent

With no care for the stranger

You act without humanity

Is that really your nature

For when you become a monster

Then you become a danger

So riot in the street

Create your great divide

Just beat your chest and cause a mess

And see what it provides

A history of violence

In continual reply

Say farewell to unity

And hello to be denied

While the system never waivers

While your masters rest in peace

Wage the war that they are longing

So they can justify their reach

Spread terror throughout the landscape

So they can view you with unease

And become the dangerous animals

That need to be policed

Where is your peace

Where is your self-control

Where is your dignity

Now's the time to be composed

For we all tire of this system

And its endless need to grow

We're all enraged at its actions

And you are not alone

But when you throw a stone

Aimed in the wrong direction

When you act out in hatred

Without any discretion

Then you've served your masters well

Becoming the transgression

To nullify their sins

In the abuse of tension

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