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The Neighbor's House

There ain't no glory in abortion

Playing with the forceps

Mutilating life

While you're riding your high horses

The need for reinforcements

Rile up the forces

Just to chuck a Molotov

Upon your neighbor's doorstep

Watching the inferno

Seeing it as victory

Violence on the innocent

To bloody up your history

Exalted adulations

In protests that mirror bigotry

The symmetry resounding

Your devotions lack validity

A mock upon equality

All animals amongst the zoo

I watch the circus acts

Giving credit where credit is due

A coat of many colors

In a spectacle for all to view

Until hysteria is lost

Leaving nothing left to pursue

Nothing ever changes

You fall straight back into the pits

As a victim in the mindset

And an endless need to bitch

Woe the status quo

We always know what we will get

With hopes so low to cope

You don't live with any regrets

Right back to your masters

Panting like a dog

Drooling over scraps

How so easily you're bought

Only seeing color

When you're looking for applause

Only wanting change

When the noose is in a knot

Constantly offended

Yet never by yourselves

So no one speaks against you

For your hatred can't be quelled

With no hope for your forgiveness

There's no need to be compelled

To ever try to save yourself

For you choose to live in hell

Could have broke the habit

Could have chose to change

Instead you have identified

Where life is not embraced

Sauntering in anguish

Communion with your rage

While the flames dance right before you

Shining out to your disgrace

Soon your neighbor's house will crumble

Its embers will turn to ash

And the war within the streets

Will leave its scars in aftermath

Where tensions were misguided

But you didn't fail to act

And now, where you find your feet

Is just the same old worn path

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