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The Path

Don’t hesitate to write

The moment you feel inspired

Because it doesn’t take much

To kindle these fires

Passions are fleeting

Lost in a dream

And by the time that you wake up

They are never the same

So step to it, lively

Let the song spring from your heart

And if the audience applauds

It’s a bonus to impart

But if they mock and ridicule

Don’t you waiver from delight

For if the heart can rejoice

There’s no need to cave into spite

I’ve felt that very sting before

Feeling ashamed of something joyful

To embarrassed to stand my ground

And to myself, no longer loyal

And then what’s the point

If self cannot be fulfilled

Identity without purpose

Holds nothing which to build

And all because we yield

To the judgements of the lifeless

And all because we think

That sacrifice is righteous

But living self-condemned

Is the antithesis of envy

Who taught us that such a life

Was anything but deadly

It’s time to open these coffins

In a hope of resurrection

That we may break from the binds

Of a mindset’s infection

That we may heal from the pain

We sustained in suppression

That we may follow our dreams

Without any questions

Because when I was young

My imagination ran wild

Not a height I couldn’t reach

Set my sights beyond child

And I clung to my dreams

As they breathed in existence

And when death tried to follow

It was met with resistance

Yet somewhere along the line

I betrayed who I am

And I sacrificed dreams

To the systems of man

And ever since that day

I’ve been cursed to lament

And it’s corrupted me so

That I feel ashamed to repent

So now there’s two gods

That dwell in my mind

One that yet dreams

While the other lies blind

And I’m left to decide

Where I’ll take my steps

The path to my dreams

Or the path to my death

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