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The Pirates' Tale of Sorrow

Sorrow the pirate

Twas about to walk,

The mighty wooden plank

With shackled wrists

And legs the same,

To ensure that Sorrow sank

The journey short

Though long in stride,

Consumed the light of day

As step by step

His feet did walk,

To death, Sorrow made way

"Ah, faster now

You swine of man,

You see away the sun."

"For when it goes,

Then so shall you.

Your life, this day, be done."

Then Sorrow turned,

To face the man

Belching out words aloud

Then veered his eyes

Up to the sky

And let silence weigh the crowd

The clouds did part

And shown the sun

The heat did sweat his brow

Then cool breeze blew

Against his skin

And whistled through the prow

A moments rest

Relaxing breath

Time seemed to disappear

With enemies

Sentencing death

His ship, they commandeer

Then memories

From all his life

Did flash before his eyes


Both good and bad

The crowd spoke out, chastised

"Speak now yar words

Soon lifeless one,

Plead mighty, to the gods."

Sorrow stayed still

His mouth not move,

He stand weighing the odds

The sun still crept

To hiding place,

Devoured by the ocean

"Lets shoot him first

Help weigh him down!"

One man started, commotion

A settled cheer

All with, agreed

Bullet, to be embed

Muskets loaded

Then aimed up north

Explosions marked for head

The powder packed

And fuses lit

Sorrow, a choice, must make

Death by the sea

Or from the gun

Which would a hero take

His chains were tight

To strong to free

If jump, he'd surely drown

While bullets burn

Destroy the flesh

A corpse, not fit a crown

The sun slipped down

Then came a shot

Bullet escaping gun

And Sorrow dove

Into the sea

Action, not be undone

Unknown whether

The bullet struck

Sorrow still lost his life

And left behind

A story sung

In duet, with the fife

Though stories told

To entertain

Are far misunderstood

For Sorrow found

Treasure so great

No pirate ever would

On life, he held

So desperately

Until sea bottom reached

His eyes witnessed

A marveled site

Such hoard, never was preached

And so it's said

Throughout the world

In pirates' tales of old

Find Sorrow bound

And set him free

Then you shall find the gold

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