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The Search

I'm not quote perfect unquote

At least not by atypical standards

But I've sure got a lot that I can boast

And some grace to cast a light out from this lantern

So I wont be tripping, stumbling through the dark

Though I've tripped before and fallen many times

When I've skinned my knees and palms it sure did hurt

But they've got healed up and come back to being fine

And that's just the point of life, ain't it so

To make mistakes in hopes you finally get it right

For the only thing you really can control

Is if you choose to take a step to keep the fight

Because it sure as hell is easy just to fear

To keep yourself held within a prison

Because the mind is quite mischievous and queer

Would turn a fool before it ever gave you wisdom

Now, who's to say that I ain't nothing but a fool

Blinded by a hurt and left to wander

To think about it, it really just seems cruel

And to think that that's a thing that I could ponder

Morning comes and I open up my eyes

And looking in the mirror, I'm getting older

Silence in display, with no replay

I think another day, I'll let these feelings smolder

There can be so much distraction if it's let

And the things we pile on can sure get heavy

Yet it's never building muscle with it's heft

And to carry it, we're never truly ready

Now I told you I ain't quite the perfect man

At least not by the atypical standards

But one thing for sure is I ain't afraid to stand

To search for truth in and all amongst the answers

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