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The System Is The Victor

Get your eyes off the sacrament

No pledging your allegiance

No presidents to lead us

Don't need this contaminant

There is not a compliment

Better served than Jesus

You know that is seizes us

Religion, God damn it

If could be nice to be alive

I worry about the future

The government's a tumor

I have come to realize

And I am starting to despise

Fear-mongering and rumors

Compulsory consumer

Wont you open up your eyes

Enamored by a fairy tale

Your head upon a pillow

Political to widow

And your face is looking pale

Televise the veil

See propaganda billow

It's cloudy out your window

Your life is for sale

Shall we start the auction

Award the highest bidder

Progressive is the sinner

No wisdom without caution

Oblivious to options

To choose a life that hinders

Where ignorance grows thicker

The mass of adoption

Democracy's illusion

Your faith a hypnotism

Embracement of the system

The haze of this pollution

Devotion and confusion

Walled up into a prison

The seduction of a victim

The ruin of a human

Sacrifice the precious

To be preyed upon by vultures

Their monuments are altars

All hail the mighty menace

Now go pay out the penance

Farewell to all of culture

Our history is altered

Unrestricted vengeance

Drowning out your senses

No effort of survival

No mind of a denial

Belief slowly possesses

The audio confesses

The favor of your idol

That fear is your revival

The religion of consensus

The screens enticing flicker

The trumpet of the speakers

The never-ending feature

Of a double-sided bicker

Keep your eyes upon the picture

Choose a mirror of a leader

Who will be your preacher

The system is the victor

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