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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

What's another grave

In a world filled with zombies

Next president, next war

The next two thousand bombing

Our altars all pagan

Are wastelands in laden

With the shrines of salvation

All napalm and hatred

Let us lift another prayer

Of complete annihilation

Our enemies made ashes

With no retaliations

Give thanks for the victory

Support of the troops

The drones in the skies

And the rocket's pursuit

Let us humble ourselves

Hold our hands over heart

Let us look to the flag

That defines who we are

We the people, the system

We the stoic machine

That which knows not love

So we fabricate dreams

We take no as the answer

To the solutions of peace

Set laws, forcing doctrines

Just to do as we please

For we are the righteous

Our morals must last

We will reign out with fire

And quell any clash

So all hail the blue-screens

And their programs of guidance

We will cower in fear

With the news that they bide us

The enemies surrounding

The wolves at the gate

So send forth the bombs

For the threats all at stake

See the eyes are the sensors

And the censors are fair

They protect from the evils

And the lies that impair

Of the outcasts and misfits

Terrorists and rebels

Those who speak against State

Raise the voice of the devil

Close your eyes, mute your ears

Know there's nothing trustworthy

Of the revolts of the wild

With their rage and their fury

They are a threat to our world

There's no hope in the parleys

They will poison our minds

So we must sent out the armies

We will bury the casualties

Pave the roads over

Rewrite our story

And finally have closure

Here in utopia

It is filled with safe places

And when the anthem comes on

We'll gladly sing our praises

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