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Give me a king, God

I want to have vengeance

I need blood to spill

To feel an ounce of repentance

I need sacrifice

Can't you see my dependence

For vain is my hope

While peace is my presence

Judge me worthy

To be ruled by the sword

To be empowered by conquest

Triumph over the horde

Let all the earth be shaken

Let all the blood be poured

Let me bathe in the glory

Of a life of discord

Wage this war

Throughout all generations

Rage enforced

To seek devastation

I have no time for love

Need to conquer the nations

Need the whole world to bow

Right to my expectations

There needs to be order

There needs to be rule

There needs to be fear

For the controlling of fools

A mass misconception

A mask to delude

A masterful plan

Leaves the masses subdued

And it will all be a rues

To distract them from sight

A veil placed over their eyes

To keep them cowered in fright

Submissive and silent

Caught in the plight

Too blind to realize

The measure of their might

What I say, it will be

And they will cheer my election

By the point of my sword

And its means of dissection

I will wage endless wars

Till the sea's a reflection

Of the blood overflowing

To embrace my reception

The master of slaughter

The tyrants of praise

The god of destruction

For a world set ablaze

Basking in torment

Delighting in pain

The world made an altar

To offer up the remains

The burn and the billows

The scent of the forge

The raising of armies

And the stains of the gored

The madness and vengeance

The thirst of the sword

Waged in the worship

Of their mighty warlord

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