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Who Says Love Isn't Scary

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Who says love isn't scary

The most vulnerable you'll ever be

And who has more scars in their life

Then those who wear their hearts on their sleeves

I'll tell you now, that love is a terror

And yet I still bare it with glee

Despite all of the warnings, I follow headlong

Because love is all I'll ever need

Despite all of the pain of the past

And all the unknowns of the future

I'll face my fears with a passion

And tend all my wounds in good humor

For I know that love is my suitor

No matter how I'm terrified

I will rise to meet it in its splendor

And get lost within its paradigm

Love has so many faces

And I fear I only know a few

So if I lose sight of its nature

Will I wander a stranger and fool

And love, it speaks in a language

That can change and transform in a spell

And all at once when I thought I could speak out

My translation had nothing to tell

For love is a tower of Babel

And the heart's a small piece of its mold

If the world could assemble together

Imagine how love could be shown

But instead it's in fragments all scattered

Cryptic and I cannot solve

And the fear that I'd miss but a fraction

Holds me within endless resolve

Love can be trampled and beaten

Love can be lain to the slaughter

Love can be cast to the graveside

But love can also be authored

So I hold onto hope without worry

Despite all fears of the mind

Because love is beyond understanding

Eclipsing a grace so divine

So I stand in only but a shadow

To get lost in pursuit of this treasure

Without knowing where this path will lead me

With no guarantee it will bring pleasure

But the measure of faith that I follow

Is a gravity I cannot fathom

And the weight of this glory before me

Causes my heart to sing to an anthem

So much more than I ever expected

Far beyond imagination's gaze

Overwhelmed at the presence of love

In a labyrinth that holds me, amazed

All that I've known, ever-changing

Love always moving beyond

Where the heart was once held in staging

In waiting for us to respond

Who says love isn't scary

A force that can never be tamed

That looks at the world without worry

Holding the power to change

While those without passion forsake it

Casting their judgements and blame

But I have decided to face it

And never have I been the same

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