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I see you, and seeing you

I bring you into being

Creation in acknowledgment

The whole world, it is beaming

Awaken from distraction

All the factions unredeeming

Life is so extravagant

Can you not see that it is teeming

Beauty all encompassing

Every cell and atom

Microscopic observation

In an awe I cannot fathom

The grace to case this place

Palpitations set to spasm

A heart that skips the beat

In endless enthusiasm

So thankful for existence

Beyond our understanding

All logic stays confounded

To this mystery enchanting

Appreciate it my whole life

So captured by its romancing

I take a breath to celebrate

And feel my lungs expanding

Consciously determined

Intentionally aware

Deliberate in my actions

With premeditated care

Calculated measures

Eager just to share

That life is so fantastic

Beyond any faults or fears

Merely to have an open eye

It does not mean you see

So much in life can pass you by

And that’s a tragedy

To live your life within a veil

Blinded from the sea

Of the life that flows around you

Dwelling in shadows of debris

Most of the world has a perspective

That is negatively cast

Seeing most life without value

And subjected to their wrath

That they make the world a wasteland

In their daily treaded paths

With such dreaded consequences

Of the compassions which they lack

It first and foremost must be

The heart that draws the sight

The lens of love to filter

The value into a life

Then the mind must be opened

Beyond doctored plight

To see beyond tradition

Beyond offense, to what is right

Then I see you, and seeing you

There is brought about inception

Creation and existence

And value and connection

Breaking passed the boundaries

Of the past of our deceptions

Where all life can radiate

To a mirror of reflection

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