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Give me reason to fight

For a life, one another

Vicious the wolf

Howls mad for the other

Left all the torments

To wash up the shores

While the wind is a tempest

Its meaning out pours

Scatter the leaves

Form a portrait of masses

Lives disconnected

Time pauses, yet passes

Breath dances in guidance

While the voice remains silenced

An echo gave once

Beckons all from the violence

Mountains arising

The sands and the ashes

The fall of a hung man

Reveals how he thrashes

Caught still in their strides

As soldiers standing broken

A gun melted down

Just to show that it's spoken

Hail to the kings

Enslaved to their thrones

Were ruled into riches

Where the poorest were shown

The seal tightly broken

In store pours the chalice

The light seeping through

Aurora Borealis

Pain staked through the limbs

As the wood is made rotten

White flags in the wind

Bare the signs they've been trodden

Salvation bled out

And the low were made risen

When freedom's controlled

Then all life is imprisoned

Angels in disguise

Keep the martyrs alive

While the wicked are torn

From what they can't revive

Thus religion's been birthed

As a death without coffins

When the bonds were released

It's faithlessness that caught them

The closing of Eden

Kept men in their hunger

Their hearts growing barren

When they're called to be younger

Fruitful is a people

Who knows that they're lasting

All called to produce

But the mass turns to the fasting

One light shines the brightest

All lost in definition

A Love everlasting

Requires no permission

Acquitted the charges

And purged the damnation

All structures thus crumbled

Without a foundation

The humble head high

Held the hope everlasting

While visions of men

Grasp the lots for their casting

When Love seems a distance

Embrace that's abounding

For Love receives gladly

Religion does the hounding

The mind intermingles

This new life you have

The knowing long lasting

Except which you had

Truth binds up the heart

To be freed from the bonds

Then released to the kingdom

Where all Love now responds

A labyrinth of meaning

Deceptions laid bare

Covered by the glory

And the blood that was spared

Awaken the sleeping

Eyes shut from their death

And all that which lay broken

May now breathe in His breath

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