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I was told, 'You'll never change"

And the truth is, I never had to

Jumped the track, to try to please

Looking back, it's kind of sad too

How I, let myself die

Eradicated, all but cracked through

Yet my heart, still it beats

Set the anthem, to impact you

Life, it can be hard

Can be a struggle, overwhelming

Sights and dreams, can discard

Leave your heart, angered, yelling

And the mind, it confides

To the bribes, so compelling

Lose yourself, lose the kind

Where you'll find, darkness dwelling

Am I blind, mastermind

In a labyrinth, ever-winding

I'm a tramp, light the lamp

It's too dark, and I am hiding

Try to find me, try to bind me

Douse the light, it's too blinding

Feel the hands, to the grind

I am buried, but I'm fighting

Lift this coffin, lid imposing

Air is thin, suffocating

This divorce, Like a flower

Withered now, for the taking

Rest in peace, the deceased

I'mma cease, in this hating

Buried me, in a sea

From deceit, I'm escaping

The unease, of Achlys

Speaking out, in a poison

Misery, chasing me

I'mma flee, you annoying

All the hounding, all the drowning

All surrounding, I'm avoiding

Slithered servant, you perverted

You're a burden, not worth toiling

Why you call me, why you chase me

Why you fake me, was it worth it

Break a heart and, then discard it

A la carte it, then abort it

Go away now, fade away now

I'mma pray now, find my orbit

Find my peace, no more beasts

Easy street, mind the door shut

Turned the page, braced the waves

Face the unknown, life's aquatic

Tides are coming, tides are going

Lighthouse showing, through the optic

Moving on and, getting older

I am bolder, count my losses

On the high ground, I'm alive now

Watch me shine on, so symbolic

Past is past, cannot change it

Can I learn though, bet I can

Learn to live, learn to laugh

Learn to love, once again

Sun is rising, light is shining

Hope's displaying, who I am

Opened eyes I, see the future

And the view is, an amend

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