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Black Swan

I can see them staring at me in peripheral

And that's enough to muster all anxiety

Yet while the whole world in a sense seems hypocritical

I cannot help to fend myself off from its piety

You see divorce is something love just cannot comprehend

Yet I know that there are hearts consumed in gossip

And in this sea of life that's bobbing, I search for my friends

But the lie is often bigger than colossus

The isolation that I feel, it must be phantoms

To which the act to offer hand could break illusion

And yet subconsciously my worries are in tantrum

Till all reason fades away to noise pollution

Please don't get me wrong, I know I am no victim

There's more hope inside my heart than ocean waters

Yet there are times, distracted, I'm fooled by the systems

That seek to sacrifice my soul upon the altar

Than I spread my wings, head held high

And I notice, eyes turned audience now gleam

Seeing how they envy, angered at the skies

Silently hoping I crash to their stagnant schemes

Labeled me the black swan yet I am still beaming

This light a transcending radiant flare

Eyes captivated, blinded and fleeing

From the hopes lost and no longer dared

Now reaching to the heights that I aspire

Far beyond the worshiping of men

The universe, expanse to be admired

Where eternity will never meet its end

If it's a fairy tale that they long of recital

I'll be a moral to the story that's forgotten

For the memory of them, wont keep past idols

Yet in humility all love has been begotten

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