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The best part of my life

Is that I never needed audience

Didn't need attention

Didn't need approval to gain confidence

Just sitting within silence

No need of an expedience

No pressures from the status quo

To meet their efforts of obedience

But it wasn't always easy

Indoctrination ain't a gentle kiss

Doubt would flood my mind

And with doubt it is hard to resist

The berate of second-guessing

Internally held within conflict

But my mind was clear to contemplate

And I wouldn't submit

Not an ounce of me is popular

The populations pending

You never know the course of life

Which they will be descending

Yet I guess I never cared much

There's no need to be pretending

So divided from the herd of man

Because I'm unrelenting

I'll walk over the graves

Stirring through the ashes

A witness to the lives

The sacrificial masses

Ruled through men's religions

Reduced into a ration

Death the counterbalance

To the cult of hatred's passion

In my surroundings I like solitude

Repulsed against dramatics

So I never watch the news

Propaganda, fear and panic

I'm so tired of the common man

Who worship a State of havoc

For I'm a; hear no, see no, speak no evil

Hopeful-type romantic

Fear never ruled over me

And neither does submission

For when politics rule the world

It becomes void of wisdom

And I don't seek the foolish man

And ask of his permission

And I don't look at the views of man

As anything but religion

Plagued throughout the centuries

Despite emancipation

They have cast their hope into a fault

And embraced indoctrination

Always trapped within the box

Populous turned congregation

They are a herd no longer human

Blind to their incarceration

Every step towards freedom

Is a movement that leaves them startled

They are so afraid of myth

They have submitted to be marshaled

So dependent on the State

To be ruled and reigned and parceled

And now I see their lives are vacant

Because of what they fear to marvel

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