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There is one question I have

What is truth and what is wisdom

When the mind is sealed off

By religious systems

You see every institution

Creates its own prism

And if you don't see through the lens

Then you're forming schisms

You reconstruct the wisdom

You reconstruct the truth

You reconstruct your mind

To ignore all other views

You reconstruct your heart

To just hate and accuse

Then you justify your actions

And your heinous abuse

But wisdom and truth

Cannot truly exist

When your thoughts are so constricted

And you refuse to resist

When you question all others

But in yourself you insist

You create a world of evil

To which you gladly assist

See institution is religion

Indoctrination is theft

To try to force a way of life

Is to create a world in arrest

May have a multitudes' approval

But it is still a conquest

May have the crowd believing hope

That spreads oppression and distress

But you feel you must protest

You feel you must fight

You feel the vileness inside you

Rise to a whole other height

And the crowd that you have gathered

Gives you your force and your might

And you act upon your evils

Until you've crucified Christ

Until you've found a scapegoat

Until you've slain the martyr

Until wisdom and truth

Are no longer harbored

Because you never had either

All progress has grown darker

To cast shadow to the fact

That your actions lack ardor

There's no truth without love

Cannot be wise, if not humble

And without each as a foundation

Civilizations will crumble

You have risen to rumble

Leading assaults at full frontal

Another war you won't protest

More casualties of your "struggles"

You are an abscess of hatred

You lack all compassion

Forceful and violent

In a tyrant of fashions

In a world of opportunity

You reduce it to rations

Because your wisdom and your truth

Holds an allegiance to factions

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