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The Beathing Heart

The heart can be a rant

Beating to a tantrum

Blinded by emotion

As the mind just cannot fathom

Often that’s how we stand

Pulsing to a spasm

Losing touch with Love

Giving chase unto the phantoms

Until we’re held in darkness

No direction to the light

Servant to the mindset

As it wanders out of sight

Conjuring up demons

Holding us in fright

Divided from compassion

And all of its delight

Trapped within disorder

Mentally deranged

Shackled in deception

Perceptions unexplained

Calloused from the pain

It has chosen to sustain

Held within a prison

Yet there’s always hope of change

The heart can be a tyrant

Divorcing self from love

Craving but the vengeance

Satiated but with blood

Ready to devour

Waiting for the flood

Pressure building up

To bang the gavel, as a judge

Completely lost to purpose

Torn away from passion

Functioning to live

But without any satisfaction

Without the purest joy of love

Just held within distraction

Withered to the soul

No longer holding an attraction

The fruit has been exhausted

The fields are laying bare

From a heart that could have nurtured

But instead embraced despair

Letting all love fade away

Neglecting over care

So broken over time

In dire need to be repaired

Pushing love away

Instead of being its reflection

Called to be a beacon

But dwelling in contention

Silenced to the soul

Letting corruption lead deception

All recollection shattered

Fading fast in disconnection

Keep beating heart

Awaken from demise

Let love speak life again

So you can finally reply

Keep beating heart

Release yourself from lies

Be reconciled into love

The absolute of your design

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