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The Pumpkin

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

How would you feel if they ripped out your guts

And left you just a husk, a shell, empty cavity

How would you heal from the loss and disgust

To these actions unjust, in all of their vanity

How would you cope if they carved up your face

With stencils and blades, for their own entertainment

Taking you from your home, feeling lost and displaced

To be placed as a spooky arrangement

Parts of you in a pie, for a family of five

All topped with whipped-cream to the sight of a feast

As they chomp and they chew, masticating you

Forced to watch these devouring beasts

Then baking your seeds, seasoned to their needs

To meet their teeth with a crunch of delight

To see such a deed, with no means to be freed

Could you ever imagine such frights

Then sitting you on their steps, with no ounce of regret

To show faintly a flicker that shines through the wholes

A Flamed silhouette, to show you as a threat

Just a kindle to the wick of your soul

Then leaving you all alone, to weather and show

Your life, and all energy draining

All your hopes once aglow, have been left to corrode

To wither, just waning and waiting

For some young adolescent, who happens on by

Just to give you the time of engagement

The very last act, till your final goodbye

Smashing you, left to rot, on the pavement

Yes, how would you feel ‘bout the time of October

Coming over and over, celebrated by all

Maybe your drunken joys, would just start to sober

If you knew my perspective of Fall

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